Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new home!!

A quick update!!
My manifestation experiements have gone so well, that I have moved and expanded my business to WordPress. You can find me now at!!

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My love!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The 30 Day Challenge

I have a new morning routine that I am just loving. After I get my son out the door to school, I make a cup of chai, grab my ipod, curl into my favorite chair in my office, face the sunshine and meditate for about 20 minutes. No huge epiphanies yet, but it has been a terrific way to center myself and start off my day.

I love it, and I feel like it is really beginning to make a difference. In any case. As I was poking around my computer and trying to organize my itunes, I came across this mp3 called the strangest secret. I had never noticed it before and was curious. After listening to it, I found out that it had come from Mark Victor Hansen. It was a recording of a speech that Earl Nightingale had given to his sales team. Talk about inspiring. It was awesome, and ended with some suggestions as well as a 30 day challenge that I am planning to incorporate into my morning routine.

The challenge includes writing down your goals on note cards and viewing them everyday. It occurred to me that the perfect time to do this would be just after I finish my meditation and right before I swing into full gear for the day. That should be the perfect, calm time to review them, set about some action steps and get my day rolling.

So, here are my goals for my 30 day challenge and will keep you posted with results:

30 Day Challenge Goals:
• I am making an additional $6,000 in income every month
• My family and I enjoy a peaceful, loving environment that is nurturing
and abundant
• I am meeting new people weekly who help me redefine myself, understand
the laws of the universe and achieve my personal and financial goals.
• My son and daughter have lovely, finished, organized bedrooms that give
them a fun and relaxing places to enjoy themselves and hang with their friends.
• I have paid off another $3,000 of debt.
• I have lost 8 lbs of fat and it is gone for good!

I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you!!!
With excitement and anticipation,

Friday, October 30, 2009

Okay, so it has admittedly taken me a while to return to my blog. (I was a little freaked out by everything that has happened.)

Time proves to be a funny thing. For example, I just circled back to read some of my older posts because I wanted to pick up where I left off, and when I read back on my most previous entries (the ones that had previously left me a crumpled mess by the time I had finished writing them) I found that they now had little or no emotional grip on me. No emotion, no feeling, no attachment. I take that as a really good sign that maybe I have moved on and finally released Tony from my experience!

In any case, things are good. Really good. I am working hard on freeing myself from the past and am finding it very cathartic. It is opening doors, and roads and experiences that I haven't seen or felt before. I have managed to manifest things in my life that in the past I have only been able to dream about. For example, I began working with a Life Coach this week and am so excited about that. The best part is, I manifested it. Exactly what I wanted! WOW!

Let me explain. About a year ago, I started hearing more and more about the concept of having a coach. For whatever area in your life you are struggling with. All professional athletes have coaches, many successful business people have coaches, and coaches are available for all areas of your life. So I started thinking that I would like a coach. Didn't know who, or where to find one. Wasn't sure what area I was going to start in, but I wanted a coach. I thought for me, one of the areas I struggle with the most is in the area of money. My father, although very successful financially, really fell short of passing along some very important life skills in this area to his children and I have always felt like we really were tossed into life having to fend for ourselves. So I decided that a great place to start would be with a financial coach. It took a bit of research, but I found that once I had set my intention on finding a financial coach, he kind of appeared. I ended up choosing a company called Prosper Learning. They had a wide variety of services, a great track record and an extremely well developed program. It wasn't inexpensive, which was a bit frustrating since my goal was to get out of debt and into money, but I took the leap and it was well worth it. Within the course of the year, I was able to pay off just about all of my debt. They gave me resources and a game plan and two great coaches to set me on my course. It was great and I gained a lot of confidence and understanding of money.

Over the course of last year I made tremendous progress in organizing my finances and paying down my debt, but I noticed I was still floundering in a few other areas. And that feeling prompted me to searching for another coach. This time I was thinking that a business coach or a personal/life coach would be really beneficial. I stumbled across some books by Joe Vitale and really became intrigued. I started reading. And reading and reading and reading. I think I have become a bit of a self help book junkie, but I love it! I love learning and expanding and growing. I love trying to find new ways to better my life and expand my possibilities. In the last book I read by Joe, he began talking about a coaching program he was offering. I was a little skeptical at first, after all, he is a marketing guru, but I really love his work, and thought it was at least a worth taking a deeper look at.

I checked out his website and entered my name and information in the contact us section. I was curious about how much all this would cost. I knew how much it had cost me last time, and I was not really in a place where I felt like I could afford to do that again. After a few days, someone from his office called. He introduced himself and we began to chat about the program. It sounded great. (Of course. This was a sales call and that was his job!!! I know this.) But by the same token, it sounded like exactly what I was looking for.

Here is the interesting part. Through an odd series of events, it occurred to me that this coaching program and the previous coaching program were offered by the same outfit. Prosper Learning. It hadn't been part of the program last year when I went through my financial coaching, but Prosper had just added it to their repertoire realizing (as I had) that mastering the emotional/psychological side of finances and building your your business were critical to success. And they had chosen Joe Vitale to lead this program. Crazy!!! But the best part turned out to be that because I was a previous Prosper Student, I was eligible for some great discounts and special packages that anyone signing up off the street wasn't going to get. So I was able to get into the exact program that I wanted to at about 1/3 of the cost that it would have been if I had just stumbled into Joe's program. That couldn't have been more perfect! Exactly what I wanted at exactly the price I could afford!! What a win!

Great manifesting! And on top of that, I was able to manifest $15,000 in cash just the day before, so I had the money to pay for the program. Wow!! I told you that I had been on a role lately, and some fantastic manifesting opportunities have come to light. The above are just two of many!!

So now, I have a Life Coach, (Janeen Detrick who I had my first coaching session with last week) some money to use to build up my business and fix my house and a much more manageable relationship with my ex-husband, who's radar screen I eventually hope to be off of completely!

Told you it was all a bit freaky!! Plus there are more crazy little odds and ends coincidental little things that have gone on, but I will tell you about them later!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Smoke and mirrors...

Well yesterday (to say the least) was interesting.

I am proud of myself for working on my script yesterday to forgive Tony. The whole process was cathartic and inspiring. What you couldn't see was that I pretty much cried my way through it as I relived all of the hurt and pain that I had associated to that relationship. When I was done, I was completely exhausted. It was all I could do not to crawl into bed and take a nap. But instead what I did was spend some time listening to some meditation and energy work tapes by Jo Dunning that I had heard about last week while listening to a teleconference put on by Healing with the Masters. It is a program that Mary McLean has put together and it has been really wonderful to listen to. It involves some guided meditations and energy work, and WOW! it has been lovely.

Anyway, some really weird things happened to me yesterday. Early in the morning I had zipped off an email to Mary McLean detailing my issue about not being able to forgive Tony and asking her what I could do. This was pretty early in the am, and I know Mary is in California, so I figured that I wasn't going to hear back from her for a while, but I am an immediate gratification kind of girl. So I was impatient with the fact that I hadn't heard back. By 11 am, with still no word, I decided that I had to take matters into my own hands. I chatted with my friend Sue for a while about pretty mundane and insignificant stuff. You know, the kind of things girlfriends do for each other as we show our support and try to validate each others existance! (lol). Anyway, a little voice kept urging me to speak up. I was unsure, because there are things that Sue and I talk about, and she knows where I am on the whole bigger universe thing, but still, this was a leap even for our relationship and I wasn't sure if she would think that I had fallen off the deep end. Thankfully, she didn't and was even able to offer up that if Tony was sort of my whipping boy, and it was difficult to forgive him, maybe I needed to back up further. Start smaller. Forgive other people I am angry at, like my mother or my father.

Hmmmm.... Interesting.

Then I spoke my friend John. He is from California. We have been friends for more than 20 years and have seen each other through a lot. So I tested my dilemma with him. He added some interesting insights as well and that was great. I admittedly found myself resistant to some of his wisdom, so I don't quite know what was up with that, but I listened and then managed to turn the tables on him, which felt much better because I didn't have to deal with my own stuff. (More about the manifestation experiment I challenged him with later.)

In the end. After hashing this out with the two of them, I kept thinking, "I have to blog about this, I have to blog about this.) So I blogged. A very cathartic and theraputic blog, which as I mentioned, exhausted me. But probably in a good way. And then I did some meditation and energy work, which wiped me out even more, but probably again in a good way. And after that is where the interesting/weird stuff started to happen....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

When it rains, it pours...

And I am not just referring to Morton's Salt or our crazy New England weather yesterday.

I have been working really, really hard on these manifestation experiments. And I can't say that they are going poorly, just that they are not going in the direction I expected.

It is all fascinating. Frustrating and fascinating. An overriding theme over the past two weeks has been forgiveness and letting go. As I read more and more information about this movement in our world toward energy work, or as I listen to teleconferences on the subject, forgiveness keeps occurring to me.

I have a lot to forgive, it is true. But my biggest stumbling block has been how forgiveness relates to my ex husband. On some levels I have forgiven him, and on other levels I have been unable to out of fear. Not forgiving him makes me feel safe. It keeps me from ever letting him back into my life. And if he is not back in my life then it keeps me and my kids safe. The biggest problem is, it also keeps me angry and that has proven to be detrimental to my being able to move forward.

This proves to be a bit of a double edged sword. Tony represents for me a trifecta - the perfect storm of all the shortcomings and inadequacies that I felt and experienced throughout my life. One of the reasons I left was because his volatility and unmanaged temper was not providing a safe, happy, peaceful environment for my family to thrive in. But now I find, that by not being able to forgive him and move on, I have the lingering effects of that anger remaining in my life. I see it in the way my children respond and react to each other. I feel it within myself. I don't have peace, I don't have calmness, I don't have happiness and freedom. I didn't really escape it at all and probably won't until I can find a way to completely release him from my life. And maybe that comes from forgiveness.

But how? How do I forgive the man who ruined my life?

I do try to forgive him, but often find I can't completely get there. On some levels I get that there was a role he had to play in my life. That there was a role that he had to play in his own life. That we are both on our own journeys and those journeys happened to intersect for a time. There are days when I can completely and objectively step back and say thank you to him - thank you. Because without his impact in my life I may not have turned out to be so strong. Without his darkness I may not have fought so hard to find the light. Without his anger and unpredictability I may not have so desperately sought to find happiness, peace and stability. Without his greed and selfishness, I may not have been driven as hard to find a way to give to others and to provide a good life for my own family. Without him, I wouldn't have my two beautiful children, who in their own ways have helped make me a better person.

Maybe that is how you forgive. By saying thank you. By moving forward and moving on and appreciating that my life is unfolding perfectly, and that he was just part of the plan.

So thank you Tony. I forgive you. I am moving on. I no longer wish to hold on to this experience and have it define me. I am choosing to let it go, to let you go. To release your vibration from it's hold on me.

I appreciate the role in my life that you have played. I appreciate that you have {so clearly} pointed out to me all of the things that I do not want so I can now move towards what I do. I can let you go now. I don't need you any more. My new course is charted and the seas are calm. I am moving forward from these last years with peace, gratitude and thanks for the role that you played in it. I do not wish to be sucked into your bottomless pit of anger and despair any more. I wish you well on your journey and wish you out of mine.

God speed. Be well. Thank you.

All is forgiven.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Interesting Perspective

Here is a copy of a recent email I just received from Thomas Herold, author and creator of the Dream Manifesto:

Do You Make These 3 Mistakes with Manifesting?
Looking back at my own life I have made many mistakes over and over again. They say there is a lesson to learn in each mistake, and there is no need to make the same mistake twice.

For a long time some of my mistakes just kept repeating themselves. It seemed a common and recurring theme, and I had no idea how to get a handle on it. It took me many years to finally get out of this jungle of repeating mistakes and to find the answers. When you finally get them, the answers seem to be ridiculously easy to follow.

Mistake 1: Thinking You Don't Have Enough Time For It
We all live by the same physical rules; however, the same set of rules seems to appear differently to each of us. How often have you told someone (or yourself) that you don't have time for something? We only have 24 hours in a day—you alone decide what you do in these hours.

It seems to be more convenient to say “I don't have the time” rather than saying “I don't want to use my time on it.” Can you feel the difference? In the first phrase you have not taken ownership of your time—someone else has the time. You put yourself in the role of being a slave to time itself, and, if you are honest with yourself, it does not feel at all empowering.

In the second phrase we take full responsibility for our time. Know that this may upset some people when you say it. You tell them that whatever they want from you is not necessarily as important for you as for them. In reality, you are just being honest and this will, in the end, make you feel humble.

The interesting thing is that when you start doing this, you will attract more honest people in your life. You will get more comfortable over time with expressing this kind of yourself in this way to others and people will start appreciating your honesty. You will soon see the rewards.

Your dreams will come true if you make the time available to manifest them. Have you already used the Setting Intention sheet in your ebook? If not, the best time is now!
Make a list of what you want to achieve in your life over the next few years.
Make a list of your most inner desires
Make a list of your life dreams
Set your mental blueprint. This is the beginning of all your dreams coming true. Most people fail with business intentions in particular and life intentions in general because they never create the blueprint in the first place that makes them happen. They are too busy with putting their valuable attention on daily clusters. Make sure you are not one of them.

Mistake 2: You Don't Like How It Is, Therefore You Try to Change It
You cannot change what you don't like! Too much of your attention is focused on the problem rather than on the solution.

Start with accepting your current situation. Take full ownership of it. Understand that it is somehow a result of your thoughts and actions, even if you don't comprehend why. Let go of any sadness or anger you hold towards yourself and others. Forgive yourself and others. We all make mistakes, and mistakes are not necessarily the bad things as you have come to believe.

Making mistakes (and understanding them) is how each of us learn to move on through life. Simply understand that your past and current actions did not lead to the results that you have expected. That's it—don't take it too seriously.

Only after you have gained a neutral perspective towards your current solution is it time to take a new approach. Being neutral means that when you think about it, no other thoughts or feelings come up. However you feel about it in the moment, no second feelings will arise.

Mistake 3: You Are Discouraged - Therefore You Give Up
You had the best intentions. You put in all your efforts and you certainly believed in your goals and dreams. However, nothing really ever changed—you are frustrated and discouraged. You start to believe that it is not meant to be. Maybe God does not want you to experience achieving your goals. You start finding all kinds of excuses why your dreams did not manifest. Finally you give up—you admit to yourself that you obviously don't have the power to pull this off. This is the place where dreams vaporize, where evaporating goals become a part of history that nobody will ever see.

Besides having no dreams and goals at all, this is the second most prevalent reason why people never fulfill their dreams.

It is important that you hold your intention and reconnect with it at all times. If your ego gets too involved, you’ll try to force it to happen. Allow yourself enough time and space to let your intention manifest in its own way and under its own conditions. Understand that the more people your intention serves the more likely it will happen.

Discouragement is not failure, it simply means that your expectations have gotten ahead of you.

Pay attention to the coincidences in your life, as they will show you the way. They may seem insignificant, but they are real. Acknowledge them, be grateful to what you have and then act on whatever opportunities come up.

No Strings attached.

So more interesting developments in my manifestation experiment. Yesterday, when I picked up the mail, most of it was boring, but there was one interesting letter that caught my eye. I looked at it curiously for a moment and then wishfully hoped that there would be a check inside. When I opened it, much to my surprise and amazement there was!! For $3,690.-. The letter that came with it stated that I had won a sweepstakes drawing!!! WHAT!!!! I read it again. It mentioned Kohl's, Home Depot, Target, and a few other large department stores that I shop at and fill out the online surveys for all the time. I couldn't believe it. I danced, I whooped, I carried on endlessly. I called my friend Sue. I said, "You are not going to believe this...."

Money, no strings attached. Had I done it? Had I figured out the secret to manifesting abundance?


After I climbed down from my lofty perch and read the letter a little more carefully, I realized that the whole thing was probably nothing more than a big fat scam. Shame on them. So I googled it and sure enough, Rip-off report had a big fat warning and the exact scam I held in my hands listed in it. Different bank name, but same scam. Same people running it.


So what is this? Money, but still arriving with strings attached. What do I need to clean and clear from my DNA? What do I need to do differently than I am doing?

On the bright side, I sold three of my jewelry designs on eBay (see bluerskies06) yesterday and $50 worth of gift certificates arrived in the mail. So little by little I am getting there!!


Today I am going to turn my attention on focusing on finding help and resources to produce/develop/manufacture some of the ideas that I have been kicking around. I really need some guidance with those, so I am hopeful that the universe will send me some direction on that! And I will ask for a little help with my ebay sales, a little more activity there would be greatly appreciated!!

Bigger and better is still to come. I am deserving, I am open, I am creative, I am willing. I love this crazy trip we are on through life. What a ride.